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Order: ()
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AEON total:

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Error tracking order:

Ready, send AEON to to complete your order
We have created the QR Code showed above with address and amount encoded in it for your convenience

Partially paid, already received AEON from a total of AEON
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You may use the QR Code showed above, it was updated with the remaining amount encoded in it for your convenience

Payment identified, BTC will soon be sent to

Done! Order complete, BTC sent to

Ops! Order processing seems to have failed, but please don't panic, our admins have already been notified about the error.
Please enter in contact as soon as possible using our support contact at the bottom of the page. Remember to inform you order ID (), this is very important. Also, provide an Aeon address for refund.

Order timed out, create a new one. Should you have any problems, get in touch. Our support contact is at the bottom of the page.

Order not found, never existed or have been purged

API quick usage

Developers are welcome to create integrations using the API

Get current price and limits
curl -s

Create order
curl -s -d '{"btc_dest_address": "BTC_ADDR", "btc_amount": BTC_AMOUNT}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Check order status
curl -s -d '{"uuid": "ORDER_SECRET_UUID"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Shell script sample
chmod 755
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